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Like any great Adventure, Preparation, Structure and Planning are imperative to achieve the best results. Business is exactly the same. accurate Accountancy benefits a business in so many ways. Helping manage income and expenditure, planning for future growth, ensuring your accounts are completed correctly and on time. Revenue require all business's to keep accurate accounts for both VAT and Tax purposes. Attention to detail ensures your Minimal Tax Liability.       We make it Simple.




Ireland has one of the largest range of Tax Codes in the world. To prepare even the most straight forward tax return can be complicated. Specialist Tax Advise is essential.   Revenue staff are not tasked to advise you on how to organise and calculate your Tax Affairs. Therefore they are not tasked to help you Minimise your Tax Liability. We frequently find new clients have not claimed their business’s full tax allowances or benefits. It is always best to consult a Tax Specialist. Talk to us, we can help.

Accountancy & Taxation Services offered by PJ Lynch & Co. Dublin Ireland

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Over the last number of years PJ Lynch and his staff helped me achieve the impossible... and save my business. PJ took over where my previous accountant had given up. He worked through my affairs with great patience, knowledge and experience and guided my business back to profitability. PJ himself is always the other end of the phone to give sound advice and will do all in his power to help any situation. His staff are second to none and also always available if issues arise.

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PJ Lynch was recommended to me in 2005, I’ve had two previous accountants both bad experiences. PJ’s knowledge & attention to detail is superb, he will always return a call & he’s very approachable, from start to finish he has served my business excellently. I really don’t have the time or the knowledge to take care of my accounts, but PJ gives me great piece of mind and his staff and a pleasure to deal with. I can certainly recommend PJ Lynch & Co to any business large or small.

Best Accounting Procedures and practices benefit a business in so many ways, helping you manage and control your finances, income and expenditure, it helps ensure that your accounts are completed accurately, more efficiently and allows you plan for future growth.

Attention to detail ensures your minimum Tax liability.

All businesses are required by Revenue to keep accurate Accounts for both Taxation and VAT purposes.

We can also prepare quarterly or half yearly management accounts to help you keep on top of your companies financial performance. Management accounts can also identify weak points in your business, so they can be a powerful aid in effective decision making.

Whether you’d prefer to manage your own accounts or have us to take care of it, we can advise you on the best procedures and practices for your business.

We provide a range of Accounting Options:

  • A system for you to gather your Sales Invoices/Dockets, Purchase Invoices and all Expenses.
  • We can take this paperwork from you monthly or bimonthly, take care of all the Accounting and Vat Returns then quickly return everything when that process is finished.
  • We can provide you with a tailored Excel Spreadsheet designed for your business, so you can record your transactions.
  • Your tailored Spreadsheet will have a basic Profit and Loss Account and VAT Return calculations included.
  • We can also advise you on an Online Accounts System, so you can prepare your accounts and have secure access at any time from any location with internet access.

With our extensive experience across all industries our team can easily take away the hassle and time restraint of Accounts preparation. Leaving you more time to focus on your customers and developing your business.

We offer a Fixed Competitive Fee, ask about our Scheduled Fee Arrangement Options, allowing you to spread the cost of your accountancy costs.

Conveniently based opposite the new entrance to Pearse St Train Station, at 5-7 Westland Square, Pearse St, Dublin 2.

We provide secure off street car parking for our clients.

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Best Tax Advise, procedures and practices are imperative to the smooth running, operation and growth of a business, and can be more easily achieved than many think. Having a Tax Clearance Cert brings many business benefits of it’s own.

Ireland has one of the largest range of tax codes in the world, so preparing even the most straight forward tax return can be complicated.

  • Revenue Commissioners staff are not tasked to advise you on how to organise and calculate your tax affairs and therefore minimise your tax liability. We frequently find new clients have not claimed their business’s full tax allowances or benefits. It is always best to consult a tax specialist.
  • With our experience and expertise we will complete your tax return, calculate your tax liability and file the tax return on your behalf. Staying in contact with you throughout the process, providing you jargon free advice and updates on your positon, the tax amounts to be paid and when they are due.
  • In addition, we will analyse your personal self-assessment tax return to see if any tax savings can be made and we can also review your tax filing to see if there are any anomalies that need to be addressed before the return is submitted.
  • This attention to detail helps to minimise your risk of a Revenue Audit into your tax affairs.
  • In addition, should Revenue randomly select your business for Audit, the attention to detail of your business’s accounts work completed to that date means everything is there prepared and filed accurately for Revenue, to review drastically reducing the worry and stress ofen experienced with this intrusive procedure.

If you are experiencing cash flow problems, we can explore negotiating a payment plan with Revenue on your behalf.

Attending to the detail of exactly what you need, we can take the worry out of tax returns allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

We provide a fixed competitive fee.

If you feel there is any aspect of your business we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

PJ Lynch

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