Complete Payroll Services


It’s not by chance that so many of our clients have chosen to use our Complete Payroll Service. Our award winning payroll systems have been providing Payroll Services for all most 20 years now. The Payroll Specialists on our team, offer a complete range of payroll services and work to ensure your payroll is performing Accurately, Compliantly, and most Cost Effectively. The cornerstone of our approach is to help our clients understand what we need to do in order to meet their employer obligations, without all the technical jargon. Our extensive experience and knowledge covers all employment sectors & will insure your employees are on the correct standard rate of tax and are claiming all tax credits and benefits available to each individual. Our Fixed Fee means you know exactly in advance what your Payroll Service costs are throughout the year.


Rory O’Byrne - O’Byrne Jenkins - Chartered Quantity Surveyors

I have no hesitation in recommending PJ Lynch & Co. PJ and his team have been preparing our Accounts, providing Tax Advise and managing our Payroll for many years, having their expertise and payroll support year round is an enormous benefit to our business. PJ will always respond to an enquiry and return a call, his expertise and knowledge is second to none. The staff are excellent and a pleasure to deal with.

David Foran - The Larder - Restaurant & Brewhouse - Parliament St

Over the last number of years PJ Lynch and his staff helped me achieve the impossible... and save my business. PJ took over where my previous accountant had given up. He worked through my affairs with great patience, knowledge and experience and guided my business back to profitability. PJ himself is always the other end of the phone to give sound advice and will do all in his power to help any situation. His staff are second to none and also always available if issues arise.

Payroll is one of the greatest costs for any business. Having your business’s payroll managed by Payroll Specialists provides you with very real benefits.

Our Complete Payroll Service saves you time, insures your employees are on the correct Tax Rate Band, and that all their Tax Credits are applied this guarantees you are consistently in compliance with the Revenue Commissioners.

Income Tax is without doubt the main source of tax to the state, in excess of VAT, VRT, CTT. Therefore Revenue keep a very close eye on the payroll process and the employee details they are provided.

When business owners consider outsourcing their payroll, some just look at the minimal cost of making such a change and contracting a payroll service specialist.

Some take a more considered approach, they also look at the inevitable profitability and benefits, including the ability to take advantage year round of expert payroll knowledge and support.

In addition making this choice provides a business owner or manager more me to focus on taking care of their customers and developing their business. Many of our new clients are often surprised at the additional benefits that we provide.

Owning or managing a business has plenty of daily challenges, with the addition of the necessary administration and management of staff, the burden of responsibility increases.

Outsourcing payroll allows small and medium sized business owners to find a greater use of their resources and staff time. It allows more focus on taking care of customers and developing their business.

It can be a surprise to discover the true costs associated with Payroll processing within a company. The cost of employing a member of staff can be up to three times their salary, consider Employer PRSI, Holiday Pay, Pension Contributions, Employer Insurance, Recruitment, Training and Utility costs etc.

We regularly find errors with the Payroll tax returns of new clients and their employees, simply because of the somewhat complex nature of each individual’s, exemptions, deductions, PRSI and USC.

There are Tax adjustments and changes in every budget, many of which can be difficult to notice, this means remaining compliant with Revenue costs a company in terms of continual training, research and identifying what is accurately correct for every member of staff.

Revenue Commissioners state that “not being aware of your changing Tax obligations is no defence”

Revenue take the position that every person in business has the obligation to find out accurately what their tax obligations are. It certainly pays to consider what the best tax efficiency options are for your business.

Fines, Penalties and Interest, frequently prove more costly than outsourcing your complete payroll requirements.

A somewhat surprising and innovative benefit of having Payroll specialists on hand, year round, provides great employee satisfaction.

We can certainly play our part in helping our client be an even be er employer to work for.

We can get to the route of every employee’s payroll concern, rectify any issue and maximise their take home pay. Happy employees are productive employees, happy productive employees prefer to stay.